Frequently Asked questions

Do I need someone to come out and measure my stairs?

It is essential to have someone from E and M Lifts come out to measure your stairs and also assess your particular requirements. This allows us to make sure that your stairlift fits your staircase and meets your exact needs. The visit usually takes no longer than an hour, depending on the type of staircase in your home. Our assessments are carried out by a trained stairlift technician, are free of charge and most importantly put you under no-obligation. In most circumstances, we will be able to provide you with an estimate and available options at this point. It is strongly advisable for the end user to be present for this visit as user measurements need to be taken into account as well as medical conditions/ needs. We can arrange this at a convenient time to you, including evenings and weekends upon request, should family members or carers wish to be present.

Can I afford to run a stairlift?

Despite what some people think, the modern stairlift is very economical. Our stairlifts are powered by safe, sealed rechargeable batteries. Mains power is only needed to recharge the batteries when needed, at very low power consumption. We do not recommend recharging the batteries unless they are running low, as this can affect the performance of the product.

Other people in my house use the stairs, will they have space to walk by once the stairlift is fitted?

Modern stair lifts today are very slimline and when out of use and folded they do not usually take up much more than 300mm (model dependent). This leaves enough space for other users of the stairs to use them normally. On curved stairs, where possible, we do advise customers to fit the stairlift on the side with the shortest/ narrowest steps. This leaves the larger area of steps accessible to other people to use the stairs safely.

How much do stairlifts cost?

Prices for stairlifts vary depending on what you are looking for and what type of stairway you have. Reconditioned models for straight stairs usually start at about £695 and go up to about £1,295. Curved rail stairlifts vary depending on the complexity of the bends in the stairs, but usually start from about £3,995. Please contact us using the online contact form, or telephone us on 07538 226078 or 07855 372619 for a free, no obligation quotation.

What are the weight limits?

Normally a stairlift can support up to 19 stones (120kg), but there are various heavy-duty options available to carry up to 25 stones (159kg).

what happens if there is a power cut?

With a mains powered lift, the stairlift will stop. Most modern stairlifts are DC powered. If the mains power supply fails then batteries will power the lift for roughly seven or eight trips up and down the stairs. A battery powered stairlift will only stop if the batteries become flat at any time. All our stairlifts have warning indicators when a battery is low. The stairlift will charge automatically when the lift is parked over a charging point, usually at the top and bottom of the staircase.

Are stairlifts noisy?

Most models available on the market are almost silent. If you are concerned about noise levels please ask our specialists for advice when they visit you.

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