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Living at home with a disability at any age has proven to be a far less expensive and more comfortable option for people across the country when compared to all other options. Contact us today to discuss options to enhance your life and those of the people who care for you.

Through Floor Lifts

If you’re struggling to move up and down your stairs you may feel like you’re out of options. E & M Lifts can install a lift within your home to take you from floor to floor without the hassle and expense of moving home.

Our home lifts not only increase your quality of life but also the value of your home.

Disabled Baths

Most people like to bath at least once a day, not only to keep clean but to relax and also ease pain. Therefore having the right bathroom aids can make this activity much easier and more enjoyable.

Preventing falls is key to reducing fractures and other injuries which can severely affect your independence in carrying out daily activities.


A hoist assists in lifing and transferring of users with mobility problems. With advanced technology in these products means you can transfer the user safely and easily.

E & M Lifts have a range of hoists from celing track, portable overhead hoists (Gantry hoists) to mobile solutions. Contact us now for a free no obligation quote.

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“A family business set up to help people who can’t always help themselves.”

Contact today to get a free no obiligation quotation.

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